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How to Perform Well in Singapore A-Level General Paper

A general paper accesses a student ability and integration of the concepts being taught. Therefore if you are on this post probability is that you are a scholar who is interested in passing his/her exams. In that case, I guarantee that this is the right post for you and I hope you will find it useful. In this post, I’ll explore some of the most excellent tips on how you can pass your A-level general paper.

Reiterate Key Points

When addressing a question start by re-stating what you stand for. This involves being in agreement or disagree with the subject of the problem. You must bring this nicely so that it might not bring about confusion when answering the question. Let your stand be known.

Additionally, you need to summarize your arguments concerning the question being tested broadly. You should be precise and straightforward in your argument by addressing only the key points. After that comparatively, acknowledge any other ideology concerning your argument.

Analyze the Paper Critically

exam paperGenerally, such a paper has a short question which is guided by the instructions. Therefore, you need to read and understand every direction given before tackling the problem. Be keen and concentrate so that you can know what is expected of you.

After that, read the question and analysis critically the subject being tested. This will enable you to construct an argument that has in-depth content to the question you had been asked.

Re-Address Argument Crux

Mostly, this is an important point that should not be taken for granted. This is a vital aspect whereby you need to bring out the central point of your argument boldly. You should do this by re-stating your stand once more but giving much emphasize on your line of thought. This intensifies your argument, and it makes it more comprehensive. It is essential to master this to get a right scoring in the general paper.

Paint a Dramatic Picture

This is a skill that involves taming your reader’s interest and portraying your arguments in a more realistic approach. The reader gets t see and feel the implication of your statement which will earn you more marks thus getting a good score.

This parameter is suitable and practical in questions that majorly tests on aspects such as; abuse of animal rights, ethical issues, arts and environment-related questions. When you see such questions testing the fields that I have outlined above ensure you utilize this tip to maximize your score.

Make Extra Comments

These are additional comments that you should spice up your argument with. This involves comparing the hypothesis and trying to figure out other practical solutions to the problem at large. It is a way of showing that you have a broader scope and knowledge on the subject being tested.

Augustine Chan, a gp tuition provider in Singapore always advocates for his students to adjourn their argument with a summary with a recommendation or summing up their answer with an observation that they have made. This will give you a upper hand compared to the rest of the learners.

I have outlined critical tips that is carefully implemented, you will notice a positive change in your GP grades. If you integrate them nicely in a context chances are that your argument might be given a second thought and you might end up getting a good score out of it. Give it a try, and you will later testify the results to your fellow learners.